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We went from this…

To this:

Sumner Photography & Publishing is a photography and print company serving school districts in SoCal.

VLD Studios was contacted to rebuild their website, their sales collateral, and their brand imagery.

They needed a major overhaul.

Even though it got massive traffic during peak season due to customers placing orders, their website looked incredibly outdated, wasn’t responsive, and put very little emphasis on ordering.

Their brand imagery (including their logo) also didn’t scale well, nor did it look very good in print.

Fresh, Clean & Familiar

After restructuring their website to channel traffic based on a visitor’s needs– most importantly, a giant ORDER button where it mattered– we began tackling their brand.

Because they do so much print work, we made sure all of their graphics were vector-based for scale-ability.

We settled on a series of fonts and custom graphics that were friendly, wholesome, and modern-looking.

Signaling Core Values