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( This project is still in development. Bookmark Eggacy and watch for it in 2021! )

Eggacy answers a pretty simple question: how will your loved ones handle your stuff when you’re gone? Whether you’re a twenty-something with only a few hundred bucks to your name or a multi-millionaire estate holder, someone will have to clean up after you.

“Even sexy people die.”

How do you get a customer to think about their own impending death without freaking them out?

Solving for that question was one of Eggacy’s key branding challenges. We came up with creative, non-threatening imagery and slogans to engage the idea of a user’s death and the urgency of planning for one’s family, regardless of said user’s actual age.

We also had to create a UI that felt playful and gamified to offset the rather serious nature of estate management.

Its user experience also had to get people invested very quickly without feeling like a repetitive chore. We solved this by creating a startup wizard that requires an absolute bare minimum of content entry– just enough to get you interested and sharing it with others.

Collaborating with Eggacy’s developers, we designed a patented codeword-based sharing system that both organically expands the active user base and gets customers invested in their own estate planning by involving others.

Eggacy also needed a visual ‘elevator pitch’. I wrote, storyboarded and produced a 1-minute video that explained Eggacy’s purpose, value, and the key-sharing system.