web design + graphic design

The San Diego North Economic Development Council is an important EDC serving the businesses in a region of over 1.2 million residents.
LD Studios was contacted to completely rebuild their website.

SDNEDC’s website was extremely outdated and did not communicate their purpose.

EDCs serve as a gateway between local businesses and important government contacts and resources. The first way most businesses encouter an EDC is through their website. SDNEDC’s original site was not up to the task– it was cluttered, confusing, and full of broken elements.

Professional, Inviting, Organized

These three words became our mantra for this project. Taking the goals and priorities of SDNEDC, we organized all of their content into accessible, clear menus and links.

Dedicated ‘category’ pages cover a variety of topics, with each topic navigable with a tab menu at the top of the page as well as in the header menu.

A series of dedicated blog sections allow the staff at SDNEDC to update content without disrupting the site layout.