5th Axis Workholding

web – ui

5th Axis is a workholding and automation company servicing the manufacturing industry.
Their products were marketed and sold entirely through a distributor network when I joined to assist.

5th Axis wanted to rebuild their website, offer an industry-first website feature that would create a buzz in the market, and sell direct-to-customer via ecommerce.

Working closely with the owners and with their marketing team, I completely redesigned their website, coordinated with TraceParts to build and integrate a revolutionary new 3D preview to help sell product, and launched their first-ever online store. This increased website traffic by 32%, and they significantly increased their profit margins by no longer having to use a distributor network to sell their product.

Human-Machine Interface Concept

Human-machine interfaces (HMIs) in the manufacturing world are notoriously clunky. Designed and implemented exclusively by engineers with minimal consideration for UX, 5th Axis wanted to build an interface for their new automation platform that would instantly stand out at trade shows and impress operators on the shop floor.

I designed and built a simple prototype to demonstrate how this new visual language might work in an information-dense UI for an automated, high-volume part swapping setup.